Are E Shisha’s Safe?

When we are to a new technology, we have our doubts and concerns. When it comes to a smoking alternative, it raises even more questions. Is it safe? What’s in it? How does it work?

Electronic shisha, or e hookah is very similar to the e-cigs that we hear about on the radio and see in magazine ads. The biggest difference is that e shisha often do not contain nicotine. They are fruit flavored and do not taste like cigarettes in any way. So if you are looking to quit smoking and looking for a nicotine fix, the e shisha probably will not help you. If smoking for you is a mental addiction, the e shisha may help.

E shisha contains mostly water – Fruit flavored water to be exact. The atomizer within the e shisha pen heats up thus creating the vapor that you get when inhaling from the e shisha pen. In other words, all that’s really happening is the fruit juice (sometimes known as e juice) is heated up, thus creating a flavored vapor which then goes into your mouth. So, e shisha / e hookahs are indeed safe for you.

We would advise regular shisha smokers and even cigarette smokers to move from the traditional smoking to electronic. Traditional shisha contains toxins, chemicals, and worst of all produces a ton of Co2 and you inhale a lot of that Co2.